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Colton Haynes Gets Support from Serena Williams, Lisa Rinna After Opening Up About Addiction

By Chad Weiser

Colton Haynes is reflecting on a troubled time in his life and hoping the experience can help his fans from following the same path of addiction.

The "Arrow" star posted a group of photos Monday morning showing himself after a drug & alcohol bender last year led to his hospitalization.

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“Throwback. I don’t want worrying about if I look hot or not on Instagram to be my legacy,” he began.

“I don’t want to skirt around the truth to please other people or to gain economic success. I have far more important things to say than what magazine I just shot for or what TV show I’m a part of (Although I’m very thankful I still get to do what I love).”

Haynes continued,

“I no longer want to project a curated life. I get immense joy when someone comes up to me & says that my willingness to open up about depression, anxiety, alcoholism, & addiction has helped them in some way. I’ve struggled the past year with trying to find my voice and where I fit in & that has been the most beautiful struggle I’ve ever had to go through. Worrying about what time to post on social media so I can maximize my likes or being mad at myself that I don’t look the same way I did when I was addicted to pills is a complete waste of why I was put on this earth.”


“I’m posting these photos to let y’all in on my truth,” he concluded. “I’m so grateful to be where I am now (a year after these photos were taken) but man these times were dark. I’m a human being with flaws just like you. If [you’re] in the middle of the dark times…I promise you it doesn’t have to last forever. Love y’all.”

in an interview with Attitude Magazine back in March haynes revealed that he was six months sober after completing a four-month treatment program.

With the death of his mother in 2018, and his divorce from husband Jeff Leatham after less than a year of marriage, the actor’s struggles only intensified.

“I fell apart,” he told the magazine. “My brain broke. I was doing a massive comedy for a studio, showed up to work and got fired on the first day. They said I looked as if I had ‘dead in my eyes’, and I did.”

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