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Comedian Colin Quinn Sued For Bailing On High School Gig, Jay Leno Paid DOUBLE To Replace Him

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By Mike Walters

Comedian Colin Quinn is being sued for bailing at the last minute on a gig for a private catholic high school, and part of the issue is the school claims they had to pay ay Leno DOUBLE to fill in for the job.

The Charity Event

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The comedian was contacted by a representative who wanted him to perform at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, CA.

The job was for "a comedy presentation at a Gala-Charity fundraising event" with 500 guests expected to attend.

According to the legal documents, obtained by The Blast, in April of 2018, Colin was hired In the documents, they claim "it was a sold-out event," In the contract, Colin was to be paid $42,000 to perform. Per the terms of the contract, a deposit in the amount of $22,500 was to paid to his agent when they agreed on the deal.

Can I Say The Bad Words?

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A few weeks before the event, the 'SNL' alum was in contact with them about details including logistics and Colin, if he "could curse at the event?"

The school representative responded that the contract states "presentations & performances by Artists shall be within the confined of Commonly and Socially Acceptable material. Artist(s) shall conduct themselves in conformity with public conventions, morals, and standards of decency."

Bails On The Event

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So, they say a week before the show, Quinn's agent emailed saying, "I hate to send this, but Colin is going to have to pull off the November 3rd show. His mother is sick and the show would be too much for him right now. I'm sorry to do this with such short notice, but he needs to be with his mother."

They claim it was an excused and believed he backed out because he couldn't cuss at the event. In the meantime, they point out, Quinn was in Las Vegas performing at the Comedy Cellar and continued to do so for the next 4 days.

Jay Leno Step's In...

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In the suit, they say Quinn would not return the deposit and attempted through his agent to give them "2nd rate/no-name comedians" to replace him.

Unbelievably, they found a "suitable" replacement with Jay Leno, who agreed to step in and do the show.

Double The Money

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The problem is he charged the DOUBLE the money at $100,000 for his performance. Also, they had to fly the former 'Tonight Show' host to San Jose in a private jet.

So, they are suing Quinn for their money back, and all the extra dough they had to give to Jay Leno.

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