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Reality Stars 'The Moscatels' Claim They Busted Their Nanny Doing Meth!

Snob World / Instagram
By Gary Trock

The owners of a luxury lifestyle travel brand are no strangers to putting their entire lives on social media to share with their thousands of fans, and that includes revealing when your nanny allegedly gets caught using hardcore drugs inside your home!

Cole and Kelsea Moscatel are stars on a new digital reality show and also founders of Snob World, a luxury lifestyle and travel brand catering to the finest experiences one can enjoy. Along with blogging about their epicurean lifestyle, the Moscatels also offer a full-service concierge service.

Meet The Moscatels

Snob World / Instagram

Their out of the ordinary lifestyle sparked the Moscatels to launch a digital series through YouTube that follows them around on their professional and family life. The show, which has aired 3 episodes so far, also showcases their son Zayden ... who obviously has his own Instagram account already.

The nonstop lives of the Moscatels require them to use the services of a nanny to help with taking care of Zayden, and the latest episode of their show revealed a truly horrifying situation.

A Shocking Discovery

Snob World / Instagram

On May 28, 2020 the 3rd episode of "The Moscatels" premiered, and they explained a parent's worst nightmare when revealing they caught their trusted nanny abusing illegal drugs.

Kelsea claims she discovered "black soot" on the nanny's bedspread, along with "a white substance" on the floor of the bathroom. Cole says the entire situation was "repulsive," and caused them to get law enforcement involved.

Cole explained that the police came and tested the substances and that it tested positive for methamphetamine. The nanny was immediately let go and the Moscatels said they felt betrayed.

We're told the show is getting quite the buzz, and several networks are in talks to move the show to broadcast television.

Taking A Pause

Snob World / Instagram

Although the Moscatels make their living on social media and self-promotion, they recognize that the current situation in America requires us to focus on more important issues. The family recently posted a message on Instagram regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and made it clear they were taking a moment to learn, listen and give other voices the stage.

"This week we took a step back to be a part of this movement. To learn, listen and be involved in making a change. We are pushing back the release of the 4th episode of the Moscatel’s to next week. In the meantime we encourage our community to be involved and make a change in whatever way they can!"

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