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Coco Austin Is Back Backing It Up In The Gym, Shares 'Motivation' Pics

By Jeff Mazzeo

Coco Austin is ready to work her butt off!

The 41-year-old wife of Ice-T shared some busty workout pics on Wednesday. She revealed that she is finally getting back into a regular physical routine... no ifs, ands, or butts! Coco looked pretty in pink as she flaunted her dangerous curves in a tight sports bra and matching leggings. Everything seemed to be just one size too small but that's just the way she likes it (we like it too).

Feeling Strong


"Trying to get back in a fitness regimen ..🏋️‍♀️ Outfit- @creamfitwomen," Coco captioned her swoll pic.

Her caption is kinda funny and witty if you think about it in the right way. The term "back" is often used to reference one's backside, so if we break up her caption, it can have a double meaning. She's "trying to get back..." "in a fitness regimen." In other words, she's working on her backside in the gym. Or she just means she wants to get in a regular workout habit again, either way, it's pretty cool.

Mom Life


Coco followed it up with a strong, flex to make a point about her commitment, "Motivation- #beastmode💪 #getit #thinkpositive," she wrote.

The star revealed that it has been difficult to get in the gym while being a full-time mom to her 4-year-old daughter, Chanell.

"Do you work out in the gym as much as before u became a mom?" a follower asked. "no definitely not..i dont have much motivation lately," Austin replied.

Motivation or not, her page was flooded with praise.

"you always look amazing!☺️❤️👍🏼," a complimentary fan commented.

Pretty In Pink


The influencer just went back to being a buxom blonde after rocking cotton candy pink hair.

"Your girl is back blonde!!" she excitedly captioned her pic. "After 4 months of having pink hair I decided to change it up in time for the Summer."

She changed back to her iconic look last month and revealed that her daughter was not a fan of the pink color.

"Actually chanel wanted my blonde back.. she was hounding me to do it for a month.. lol," Coco said about her daughter at the time.

Her Hot Mom Mission


Coco loves to remind her fans that being a mom doesn't mean that you can't be hot. Last year, she made a point to share super sultry pics to convince her following that moms are hot.

"I hate seeing comments that say you cant be sexy after having children.. who says?" she wrote at the time. "I dont have has much time as I used too before Chanel but I can still pick my seductive moments."

She lets her followers know that she still holds it down as a wife and a mother.

"I will always and forever be Coco.. no matter what," the star said. "I still rock as a wife and a mother!!!"

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