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Coco Looks Like A Sultry Mortal Kombat Ninja In Pink Face Mask And Matching Pants

By Jeff Mazzeo

Coco Austin is used to busting out in photos but she looks like she could bust out a Fatality combo in her latest pink pic!

The wife of rapper/actor Ice-T put her dangerous curves to use for a good cause by modeling a chic pink face mask on Tuesday. Coco literally matched head to toe because she wore pink pants and she currently has her long locks died cotton candy pink. She shouted out the designer of the masks and encouraged her followers to purchase them. The hot mama claims all the profits go to a fantastic children's charity.

"As times change so does the fashion ...... All profits from masks go to St Judes Children Hospital... 🥰 Get yours today! Contact @1ginasmith or her facebook for info (I put link in my bio)," Coco captioned her pic.

Keep scrolling to see her killer curves.

Knocking Them Dead


To be honest, we pretty much enjoy/like all Coco's photos on Instagram but we couldn't help but think she looked kinda similar to the character, Mileena from the popular fighting video game, "Mortal Kombat II."

Perhaps our observation is a little crazy but her millions of fans seemed to enjoy the pic regardless of the Mortal Kombat comparison.

"Gorgeous 😍 you are one hot mama! T is one lucky man," one follower noted, while another said, "Now I see the mask, musta missed it the first time...."

Stuck At Home For Her Birthday


It just so happened that the whole stay at home thing coincided with Coco's birthday and the star lamented a little.

"The first day of #quarantine was my 41st birthday! (St Patrick's day)I couldnt do it big this year," she said before admitting to a fan that the low key day was "actually was very nice..i didnt mind it at all."

They did end up getting into the St. Patty's Day spirit and she posed for some fun snaps with her daughter, Chanel in their green outfits.

Their Extremely Close Mother/Daughter Bond


Austin received mixed reactions last month when she admitted that she breastfeeds her 4-year-old daughter, Chanel Nicole for comfort and not out of necessity. While there are always some haters, she said that she gets the most love from moms when she shares personal stories about breastfeeding.

"At a time when the world feels like its coming to an end.. suck up as much love as you can!" Coco shared on Instagram alongside a picture of herself feeding the toddler.

She continued, "I know the moms out there will appreciate this pic! Ive been getting alot of props in the breasfeeding community and get tons of emails from woman/moms appreciating me bringing light to the subject .. I write a baby blog about my journey with Chanel and soon I will write about what it's like to continue boob time with a 4 year old.. I get tons and tons of requests that want me to speak on it! At this point in nursing its just for comfort and believe me the girl loves meat so its not like she isnt eating real food...😁Thank you to all that understand my view."

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