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Christopher Columbus Statue BEHEADED In Boston Overnight Following Protests

By Mike Walters

A Christopher Columbus statue in Boston was beheaded overnight, in an act believed to be in solidarity with indigenous people and Native Americans living in the U.S.

The statue, which sits in Christoper Columbus Park was surrounded by police tape Wednesday morning after someone ripped the heard off of the monument and its head lay on the floor next to its feet.

As you know, Columbus is the European in many history books credited with the first to discover the new world. Of course, the truth is that many believe the journey began as a trans-Atlantic slave trade trip.

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Also, many Native Americans see him as racist, for the violent treatment and killing of this land's indigenous people after arriving on the shores of what is now the U.S.

In recent years, there has been a push to rename Christopher Columbus day in October to 'Indigenous People's Day.'

This is not the first time the head of Christopher Columbus has been torn off of this Boston Statue. The head was severed by in 2006, and it was doused in red paint in 2015.

At one point, 'Black Lives Matter' was spray-painted at the statue's base.

The Boston Police Department is investigating the incident and is asking anyone with information about the beheading to call them.

Another Christopher Columbus Statue Torn Down In Richmond, Tossed In A Lake

Gettyimages | Maddie Meyer

On Tuesday night, Boston's Columbus statue wasn't the only one around the country which was toppled by protestors -- in Richmond, Virgina a group tore down a Columbus statue and threw it into a lake.

Protestors left a makeshift headstone poster in front of the sunken statute in the water that said, “Racism. You will not be missed.”

As you know, many protestors all over the world are taking down statues that depict a racist, slave-owners, or leaders that were involved in 'systemic racism' in any way.

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