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Chrissy Teigen Squashed This Thanksgiving Rumor About King's Hawaiian Rolls

By Jeff Mazzeo

Who knew that Chrissy Teigen would potentially prevent a holiday catastrophe and save Thanksgiving dinner for millions of people across the United States? The social media maven's public service came in the form of a tweet and for that, King's Hawaiian Rolls are forever grateful.

Teigen's Twitter habits are well known and well documented but this may be her most impactful set of characters she has ever tweeted.

She quote tweeted alleged before and after pictures of the rolls and chastized the originator of the tweet for asking this question:

"How old were you when you found out you had to bake these?" the user asked in the caption that accompanied the above-mentioned pictures.

When Chrissy saw this misleading question, she could not be silent and lashed out.

"No[sic] true and the photo on the right has been pulled from another recipe. How DARE you," Teigen exclaimed as she corrected the false idea.

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King's Hawaiian Rolls Publicly Thank Chrissy


King's Hawaiian and Teigen have a good/long relationship because she often uses the rolls in her recipes. When they got wind of Chrissy's correction, the company was thrilled.

"Thanks @chrissyteigen 🌺🎉 looks like someone got the before and after photos mixed up 😂 our rolls are good to eat right out of the bag in the grocery store, parking lot, on the drive home or even in your home if they make it that far," the company tweeted.

They loved the free PR so much that they pinned the tweet to their page for all their followers to see. Of course, their following is around 12 million smaller than Teigen's so maybe give them a follow.

Chrissy's Recipes With King's Hawaiian Rolls

Giphy | NBC

Chrissy is no stranger to using King's Hawaiian rolls in numerous recipes. Back in 2015, she shared a delicious looking recipe for a BLT that featured the scrumptious rolls.

"BLT on King's Hawaiian with sweeeeet, sweet onion! #cookbookin," Teigen wrote in the caption of her post.

She also gave the company a shoutout in her cookbook, "Cravings: Hungry for More" when she made Hawaiian Sweet Roll Bacon Grilled Cheese.

King's Hawaiian's Orgin


King's Hawaiian started out as a small family bakery that opened in the 1950s in Hilo, Hawaii by Robert R. Taira. It was originally called Robert's bakery but he changed the name to King's Bakery when he expanded and moved the business to Honolulu in the 1960s. The business was extremely profitable and quickly became a Hawaiian tradition, according to the company's website.

In 1988, they established their corporate headquarters in Torrence, California and their products can be found nationwide. Their buns are also used by fast-food chains including Arby's.

The company made a big splash in 2016 when they entered a giant float that represented the beauty of Hawaii into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It featured a confetti erupting volcano and had a stage for performers.

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