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Chrissy Teigen Admits Her Boobs Are Fake, Got Plastic Surgery At Age 20

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By Whitney Vasquez

Chrissy Teigen is finally answering the burning question asked around the world: are her boobs fake? The former Sports Illustrated model rose to fame for her bikini body and insane curves, but now she's admitting that her ample cleavage was enhanced when she went under the knife for a boob job at age 20. In an interview with Glamour UK, the 34-year-old got real about the plastic surgery rumors that have been looming over her head ever since she became a household name.

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Revealing Boob Job:


“Yeah, I did my boobs when I was about 20 years old,” Chrissy Teigen told the outlet in their Spring/Summer issue. “It was more for a swimsuit thing. I thought, if I’m going to be posing, laid on my back, I want them to be perky!" The mom of two also revealed all that surgery went downhill after having kids. "But then you have babies and they fill up with milk and deflate and now I am screwed." Dishing that she didn't actually go up a size, Chrissy Teigen told Glamour UK exactly what her boob job way back when entailed.

She's Scared To Redo Them:


"Honestly, I kept them the same cup size. I just filled them out, so they are rounder and firmer," the model stated. “I had a quarter ‘teardrop’ cup in the bottom and filled out the breast line." Admitting "I want them out now," Chrissy Teigen added that she's scared to go back under the knife to replace them because she wants to be around for her children -- Luna, 3, and Miles, 1. "If I could do one thing, it would be to have a lift. I think you’re supposed to replace [implants] every ten years. But when you have kids you think about [the risks] of surgery and I think, ‘This is not the way I want to die, in boob surgery.’”

Armpit Liposuction:


Chrissy Teigen has never discussed her boob job before but posted her cover on social media Wednesday and joked, "Itsa me! Happy 'now you know I got my boobs done when I was 20' day!!!!! Talk about a weight lifted off my chest!!!" The swimsuit model has admitted to getting plastic liposuction on her armpits in the past. During an interview with Byrdie, she divulged the news while joking that "everything about me is fake except my cheeks." Saying her armpit liposuction "wasn't necessary," she stated it helped her feel confident while wearing sleeveless numbers on the red carpet. Following the interview, the general public actually took her joke about everything being fake seriously. Chrissy Teigen later clarified, “Reminder to never ever joke, ever (I did do the armpits, no regrets except it clearly came back.)”

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