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Chrissy Teigen Shares Intense Birth Story After Trump Complains About Unpleasant Coronavirus Test

By Whitney Vasquez

Chrissy Teigen revealed graphic details about giving birth to her daughter, Luna, in response to Donald Trump and Mike Pence complaining that the coronavirus test is "invasive" and unpleasant. The president has been critiqued for his statement about the test, which includes a swab being inserted up one's nose and down their throat, being "not something I'd want to do every day." After his response about the test caught heat, Chrissy Teigen took to her favorite platform, Twitter, to basically tell the president and his VP to man up.

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Her Gnarly Birth Story:


Chrissy Teigen went on her very entertaining rant comparing the swap test to giving birth. "my vagina was ripped to my a--hole giving birth to Luna. I had a vaga--hole," the former Sports Illustrated model wrote on Sunday, March 22, adding, "f--- your swab pain." In another tweet, Chrissy Teigen elaborated on the unpleasant birth experience even more.

"They had to put a garbage bag at the end of the bed to collect my blood before stiching [sic] me up, where I then had to pee using a water bottle as a pain fountain for 3 months. so yeah. the swab, I bet it’s super rough," she sarcastically stated.

Responds To 'S---prez'


Chrissy Teigen shared her response after actress Sarah Thyre tweeted calling out "s---prez" Donald Trump for "b----ing" about the Coronavirus test. In her tweet she stated, "I've had multiple hands shoved up my vagina to try to pull out a a single damn baby — and you are b----ing about a swab up your f---ing nose that could save millions of lives." That's when Chrissy Teigen shared her own story, which prompted every mother who followers the model to purge about their own unpleasant birth stories.

What He Said:


Donald Trump and Mike Pence caught heat for their comments about the Coronavirus test which they both complained about. When asked about the test during a recent press conference, the president responded it's "not something I want to do every day." He added, "It's a test, it's a medical test. Nothing pleasant about it." As for Mike Pence, he told the press the Coronavirus test is "kind of invasive" and a "not comfortable."

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