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All The Times The Chrisley Family Had Each Other's Backs

By Jeff Mazzeo

During this tough time of tax fraud allegations and indictments, it’s more important than ever for Todd Chrisley and the rest of the family to continue to support each other.

From small things like positive comments on social media, to big things like rallying around a family member that has been hospitalized, here is some proof that the family has had each other’s back throughout their financial scandal.

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The Fam Supports Kyle In The Hospital


A few of the biggest examples of support involve Todd Chrisley’s once estranged son, Kyle.

Most recently, Todd had fans worried after showing Kyle laying in a hospital bed but thankfully he is expected to make a full recovery.

A spokesperson for the Chrisley family told The Blast, Kyle is fine and that he “had an adverse reaction to his medication.”

Todd put a photo on social media to show fans that his 27-year-old son is in good spirits.

“NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT TODAY," the leader of the Chrisley clan said. "God shows up and shows out, now won’t he do it?”

After fans showed concern for Kylie, Todd edited his caption to include, “Kylie is great and we are back to the grind ..”

In the photo you can see the entire Chrisley clan, minus Lindsie, surrounding Kyle as Todd rests a supporting hand on his shoulder.

It’s unclear what medical condition Kylie was taking the medication for or what symptoms he suffered that landed him there in the first place.

Kyle Comes Clean


In a surprising enormous show of support, Kyle wrote a lengthy Facebook post declaring his father's innocence and taking back all the nasty, hurtful things he said about his dad and family.

He wrote, "I’ve seen all the stories about my dad’s indictment allover the internet. I know the interview I did bashing my dad OVER A YEAR AGO is being shared on social media. Honestly I’m tired of it. You guys don’t have the facts and I need to set the record straight once and for all.”

Kyle said that the interview he gave "was all lies," and that quote "About a year and a half ago my biological mom and my sister, Lindsie were responsible for turning my dad in to the Georgia department of revenue for tax evasion."

Kyle explained that he was battling addiction, and that his biological mother and sister used that to their advantage to turn him against his father.

Lindsie released a statement via her lawyer denying that she was the reason for the indictments.

Kyle’s message continued and that’s when he revealed the support he now has from Todd.

He said, quote "9 months ago I went to my dad with an apology. His words were 'I love you always, and you are forgiven.'

Savannah Knows Best

Giphy | Chrisley Knows Best

Right after the news of Todd and Julie’s indictments broke, Savannah was quick to put up an Instagram post of the Chrisley clan with the caption that read, “Family.”

That wasn’t the only Instagram love she sent out into the world. She also publicly supported her younger brother Greyson the day after their mom and dad turned themselves in.

She posed a picture with her brother and said, Forever my little buddy I love you gray! #family.

Savannah has always been a pillar for the Chrisley family and that’s why she didn’t hesitate to fill in for her parents on the “Chrisley Confessions” podcast the week of Todd and Julie’s arrest.

In The Chase

Giphy | Chrisley Knows Best

Chase Chrisley recently shared his love and appreciation for his big sis, Savannah.

He posted a candid shot of him and his sister, sitting side-by-side with the caption, “Thankful for this one @savannahchrisley.”

That recent post seconds their Instagram unity because he also put up a picture and the word family when the world found out about the legal drama.

Todd's Full Of Love


Todd posted a smiling picture of himself posing with Kyle’s daughter Chloe.

He wrote, “Just because she’s so beautiful and because I love her so much …”

Chole is currently being raised by Todd and Julie and is often feature on their TV show.

He also shared another pic of his granddaughter from the past and noted that she is his “favorite person.”

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