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Chris Pratt Drops Political Poem About Media ‘Drowning Out The Healthy Middle’

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chris Pratt shared an insightful poem on social media and although it is unclear if the “Jurassic World” star penned it, his message is loud and clear.

The poem is a social commentary about the divide in our country and it has strong implications that “there’s blame on both sides.”

"DING-DONGS Ding to the left. Dong to the right. The reverberations swell."

"Ding dong!Ding dong! They clang the outrage bell."

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The poem continues and describes media’s role in the political divide.

“The media plays them like a fiddle Drowning out the healthy middle. Pick your tribe. State your name DISREGARD: WE’RE ALL THE SAME!”

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While pointing out the problem, the poem seems to also be making an attempt enlighten the reader so the country can start the healing process.

“There’s a rhythm to this madness If you take a sec to look One option is unplug Put down your phone pick up a book But the other option probably is more helpful and realistic Find the humor, check the facts, and try to remain optimistic.”


The poem ends with a reminder that Americans are stronger together.

“We’re His children despite race, creed, preference or age."

"Under God we’re indivisible. To stay United is our duty.”

Many fans were really inspired by the work of art but perhaps Josh Brolin was the most impressed.

“This is amazing,” Brolin commented on Pratt’s post.

When the country is lost and does not know which way to go, we should look to the Star-Lord.

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