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Pratt Out Here Wearing a Shirt

Pratt was spotted in Los Angeles out with his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and wearing a shirt with the famous phrase with an image of a rattlesnake and the American flag.

Gadsden Flag Has Historical Roots

The rattlesnake image comes from the Gadsden flag, designed during the Revolutionary War and named for Christopher Gadsden.

The yellow flag was meant to be a message to the British and representative of Americans' ideology.

Flag Becoming a Problem

But recently the Gadsden flag has come to represent some far-right groups, including white supremacists. The flag is not necessarily racist, but has been linked with some racial messages.

And in 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission decided that the flag could be considered racist in the workplace.

Let's Take a Step Back

An article originating from Yahoo UK may be partly to blame for bringing Pratt into the argument, saying his clothes are "white supremacist."

While he is politically conservative, that doesn't mean he's a white supremacist, or anything remotely close to it. Just something to keep in mind.

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