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Chris Martin Shows Up to Court to Battle Alleged Stalker & Takes the Stand

By TheBlast Staff

4:25 PM PT -- Chris Martin is now on the stand getting grilled by his alleged stalker!

Gwyneth Paltrow's ex-husband claims he met Ariana Joyce about a year ago when she came up to him on the beach and he thought she was a fan. He admitted that the 3rd time he ran into her on the beach seemed a little strange.

Martin then straight up told Joyce that her behavior and language makes him believe she may "need some help," and is worried about the safety of his family, which is why he wanted to take the stand and testify.

Martin was on the stand for about 30 minutes, and we're told he was very calm while facing his alleged stalker. The judge did not rule yet on a permanent order and the case was continued until next week.

Chris Martin just showed up to a Los Angeles courthouse to try and make the temporary restraining order he got against an alleged stalker a permanent one.

Martin had been trying to avoid facing off with his alleges stalker in court and claimed his Director of Security, along with a psychiatrist, would be submitting testimony to support his request for a permanent order.

However, the judge in the case shot the Coldplay frontman's request down and decided that Martin should personally appear to make his case.

Martin arrived with a large entourage but looked relaxed, dressed all in black wearing a pair of Air Jordans.

As we reported, the woman is accused of stalking Martin and showing up at his Los Angeles home multiple times. She even once got onto his property and left a package for the star.

The hearing is set to kick off shortly ... we'll update after it ends and a ruling is made.

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