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Chris Evans Reportedly Accidentally Shared A Nude Photo And Social Media Is Going Nuts!!

By Mike Walters

'The Avengers' star Chris Evans may have just accidentally posted a nude photo on Instagram, and it has social media going absolutely wild!!

According to multiple reports, the 'Not Another Teen Movie' star was playing a game of "Heads Up," and the A-listers accidentally shared a video with his 5.7 million followers which revealed a gallery of videos and pictures -- one of them being a nude shot.

The 'Captian America' star apparently also saved a meme of his own face with a very vulgar phrase which begins with the words "Guard That."

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'The Avengers' Star Reportedly Quickly Deleted The Image


It should be noted, Evans quickly deleted the clip, but as in many cases...screengrabs of the image made it's way to Twitter and is now trending worldwide.

As you can imagine, Twitter went bonkers over the accidental post, and many started posing jokes and reactions to the image.

"Me: I'm so incredibly anxious about logging on to work the weekend shift tomorrow after five days of being offline -- Chris Evans: I will leak my nudes," one tweet read.

"Chris Evans did nothing wrong he just saw marvel stans asking for content it’s our fault for not being more specific," another read.

Chris Evans Trends On Twitter World Wide After Accidental Nude Leak


Interestingly, even though many began scouring social media for a glimpse of what the hype is about, several are posting messages about respecting the movie star's privacy.

"Yes, Chris Evans accidentally leaked his own nudes on his own Instagram, yes, it’s funny, but it was an accident and he deleted it, so please don’t share them -- respect his privacy -- protect him like he protected the world," one tweet read.

Evans is reportedly dating actress Lily James.

At this point, the actor has not addressed the situation.

Chris Evans Co-Stars Show Him The 'Silver-Lining' In Nude Leak Situation


In an attempt to make the 'Captian America' star feel a bit better about his current situation, one of his co-stars had a great quote about not being embarrassed.

Chris's co-star, Mark Ruffulo, noticed that his buddy was trending on Twitter and decided to send him the following message.

"@ChrisEvans Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See... silver lining," he wrote.

As you know, Ruffalo is NOT a huge fan of President Donald Trump, and it should be a rule if Mark says it is ok, then it is!

Chris Evans Pays Tribute To His Marvel Co-Star Chadwick Boseman


As you know, Chris Evans co-starred with Chadwick Boseman in the Marvel movies and paid tribute to the star following his tragic death from colon cancer.

"I’m absolutely devastated," said following the death.

'The Avengers' star continued, "This is beyond heartbreaking. Chadwick was special. A true original. He was a deeply committed and constantly curious artist. Few performers have such power and versatility. He had so much amazing work still left to create. I’m endlessly grateful for our friendship. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest in power, King."

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