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Chris Brown's New Diamond Necklace Is Worth $150,000 & Took 100 Hours To Build!!

By Mike Walters

Chris Brown has a new diamond necklace and this one-of-a-kind piece of art is worth $150,000 and took over 100 hours to complete!

We're told Breezy's new chain features a pendant from his 'Slime & B" mixtape with Young Thug and was created by famous jewelers at Jason of Beverly Hills.

The stunning necklace and pendant feature 30 carats of flawless yellow diamonds, and the bottom alone is made up of 23 individual pieces that had to be fused together.

As for the price, this baby will run you a cool $150,000!

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See Photos Of The $150,000 Diamond Necklace!!


If you look closely, you will see the details at the center of this piece which include images like a pyramid, eyes, snakes, and mushrooms.

We're told for not being a very large piece of jewelry, it has tons of details which was very important to Chris Brown.

"The passion Chris has for his art really motivated me to create the best and most detailed representation of his vision into diamonds," Jason Arasheben, CEO Jason of Beverly Hills told The Blast.

He continued, "I look at this not as a piece of jewelry, but as a stand-alone piece of art."

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Diamond Chain Took 100 Hours & Six Different Specialists To Create


Shockingly, this beautiful piece of jewelry took over 100 man-hours to create and needed six different specialists to handle its intricate detail.

Don't get you hopes up though, it doesn't look like this one is going to be mass-produced any time soon. But, maybe Chris Brown will decide to give it to a fan someday!

As we reported, Chris Brown has a very specific taste when it comes to his gold chains, and his last one was something that the kids can't wear around town.

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Chris Brown Has A Very Interesting Taste In Jewelry!!


Chris Brown posted a picture of a gold necklace and its pendant was a golden razor blade, that was holding baby specs of diamonds on it.

If you are not familiar with drug culture, the image is supposed to represent a razor chopping up cocaine before ingesting.

Like we said, this one isn't for the kids...but Chris posted the image of the chain along with the caption, "Golden CHILD" and promoted the company which created the piece.

The choice of new attire was a bit shocking considering Chris Brown's reported issues with drugs, including cocaine -- but, it appears he is acknowledging his past and moving on from the issues.

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