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Chris Brown's New Necklace Is A Gold Razor Blade With Cocaine Diamonds -- See The Photos!!

By Mike Walters

Chris Brown is showing off his new gold chain on social media, but it is not your standard necklace with a pendant -- this piece of jewelry is a gold razor blade with small bits of diamonds with look like cocaine!!

The 'Go Crazy' singer posted several photos of his new piece of jewelry and it looks exactly how you are imagining. The blade is emblazoned with the name 'Tuff Crowd' a brand Brown constantly promotes on his IG.

You have to see this thing!

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See The Stunning Photos!


If you look closely, you can see the tiny pieces sparkling at the bottom of the razor blade pendant.

For those of you not familiar with drug culture, razor blades are often used to chop up cocaine to prepare it for ingestion. The choice of new attire is a bit shocking considering Chris Brown's reported issues with drugs, including cocaine. According to a Billboard report, Brown would often binge on coke or molly for days on end during a low point in his life.

In the story, Billboard reported Brown would also drink lean (a mixture of promethazine/codiene syrup with a soft drink.)

Check Out The Sparkles At The Bottom Of The Razor Blade!


"Golden CHILD," Brown captioned a photo of himself wearing the new chain.

Interestingly, Chris Brown started trending on Twitter after posting the new razor blade chain photo, but it had nothing to do with his new piece of jewelry.

Instead, the singer's violent past with ex-girlfriend Rhianna was being dragged up after Megan Thee Stallion publically outed rapper Tory Lanez as the person who shot her, landing her in the hospital with bullet fragments in her feet.

Several people compared the MTS situation to Brown and Rhianna's after she described the moments leading up to the shooting.

MTS claimed an argument in the SUV, turned violent after she decided to exit the vehicle. She said Lanez started shooting at her when she exited the car. As you know, Brown was charged with assaulting Rhianna in L.A. after an argument in his vehicle.

Chris Brown Trends On Twitter After Meg Thee Stallion, Rhianna Comparison


"Y’all bringing up Chris brown and taking the attention off Tory. I don’t like that. Stay focused on that b---h Tory until Meg get her justice," one person tweeted.

"You guys believed Chris brown at his word when he said Rihanna hit him first (with not a single shred of evidence) but don’t believe the actual victim who said she never hit him and had actual proof of his violence against her. To this day. You guys never believe black women," another said.

Interestingly, several fans defended Chris Brown, saying the situations are different.

"Let Chris Brown out of this Tory Lanez mess. Unlike Tory, CB took all the blame, full responsibility and apologized in front of the entire world. Even though she started it first. He had his music banned, went to jail and the woman involved forgave him. WTF is wrong with you," a tweet read.

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