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Chris Brown Has Scary Run-In With 'Mentally Ill' Obsessed Fan -- See The Shocking Video!

By Mike Walters

Singer Chris Brown just had a scary run-in with an obsessed fan who he claims tried sneaking onto his property...and the entire incident was all caught on tape.

Brown shared the encounter on Instagram, including people inside his home speaking with the woman a few yards away from the singer's property.

"MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL!! SHE TRIED TO SNEAK OVER THE GATE AT MY CRIB BUT SHE SAW MY DOG and he saw her," the singer posted on Instagram.

In the video, you can see Brown hiding behind his backyard fence while speaking with the person.

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Chris Brown Warns 'Mental Illness' Is Real...


As you can see, it appears the woman is at the boundary of Chris Brown's property -- but she continues to yell at the singer while members of his security team film the ongoing situation.

It's unclear, at this point, if the police have been called to the scene but Brown's team will likely do so.

In the clip, the woman asked Chris Brown if knows a certain person and someone can be heard yelling, "No!" The rest of the woman is yelling about seems to not make sense.

This is not the first time the singer has dealt with obsessed fans and mentally ill people breaking onto his property.

See The Shocking Video...


Back in 2015, Brown returned to his Agoura Hills home to find a woman had broken in and actually cooked a few meals.

At the time, the woman painted messages on the singer's walls including "I love you" and even wrote her name all over his car.

Chris posted a photo of the woman on Instagram, who was also naked, wrapped in a blanket with a message about the incident.

“I get home and find this crazy individual in my house,” he wrote.

The woman was promptly arrested on suspicion of burglary and felony vandalism after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrived at his home.

This Is Not The First Time Chris Brown Has Dealt With This Issue...


As for how the woman gained entrance to Chris's home, it was reported she actually took the hinges off of a door to gain access to his home.

Once inside, she tossed out some of his daughter’s clothes and items belonging to his dog.

“Then had all these crazy voodoo things around my crib, goes to show you how crazy people are crazy!” he wrote at the time.

It appears in both cases, although upset someone is trying to break into his property, Brown realizes the women are mentally ill.

“I pray she will get help,” the singer said.

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