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Chris Bosh Says His Mom is a Squatter Who Exploited a Disabled Person

By TheBlast Staff

Chris Bosh is firing back at the woman who gave him life and then filed a lawsuit against him, because he wants her to get the hell out of his house and is shooting down claims he agreed to support her for life.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Bosh says his mother Freida is refusing to get out of his Texas home, even though he has asked her to leave the property. He claims was cool with her living in the home until last year when she was arrested for allegedly exploiting a disabled person to collect money from the government.

The NBA free agent said, "I learned from news media reports that my mother was arrested for exploitation of a disabled person and that other persons may be occupying [the house.]

He said he tried to get his mother out peacefully, but after she refused, he decided to go through with the eviction process. As we reported, Freida has filed a lawsuit against her son for allegedly reneging on a deal to take care of her for "life."

However, Bosh says there was never a deal in place to take care of his mother for the rest of her life, and he says it's about time she go out and find her own place to live.

He wants his mom's lawsuit dismissed completely and for her to get out of his house.

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