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Chris Bosh's Meetings with Lakers Causing Rift With Baby Mama

By TheBlast Staff

Chris Bosh has been looking for a home in the NBA, and possible interest by the Los Angeles Lakers is seriously pissing off his baby mama, who is allegedly refusing to let their daughter travel to California for court ordered visitation.

Bosh recently went to court claiming Allison Mathis is refusing to allow him his time with the former couple's nine-year-old daughter, Trinity. He says he was supposed to have his daughter for three days in September, and even bought her a plane ticket to travel from Florida to California "where he is temporarily living while [he] explores his employment options."

After being released by the Miami Heat after a "career-ending" illness, Bosh has been seen attending multiple Lakers' practice sessions and chatting with GM Rob Pelinka. Pelinka was Bosh's agent for a little while before becoming a GM, and it's clear the two are still close.

Bosh has been dealing with blood clots ... and while doctors have been skeptical on his return ... Bosh has been adamant he'll play again.



He even took his wife, Adrienne, to dinner with Kobe and Vanessa Bryant ... a promising sign he could be a permanent fixture in Los Angeles.


Bosh says Mathis has a history of refusing to allow his daughter to spend time with him, and says he "just wants to be treated like an equal parent."

The NBA star wants Mathis to comply with their longstanding custody agreement, find her in contempt of violating said agreement, award him makeup time, and for her to enroll in a parenting class. As an extra cherry on top, he wants her to perform community service and reimburse him for the travel expenses on the missed flights.

For her part, Mathis wants the custody agreement modified while Bosh spends time in California. They're set to attend a mediation later this month.

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