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Chris Bosh's Mom Questions His 'Character,' Wonders Why Someone So Rich Would 'Evict His Sick Mother'

By TheBlast Staff

Chris Bosh’s mom has taken it up a notch in their legal battle over her home, calling his character into question as she attempts to keep her lawsuit alive.

As The Blast first reported, Freida Bosh sued her son Chris accusing him of backing out of his promise to keep a roof over her head for life. She accused him of having her sign away the deed to the home without her knowing.

Chris Bosh is trying to have the case dismissed but Freida is fighting for the suit to continue, saying she hasn’t even had a chance to grill Chris under oath during a deposition.

In the documents, Freida says, "What is the character of a man making as much money as Chris Bosh seeking to evict his sick mother and throw her on the street for any reason?”

As far as the home goes, Freida claims she purchased it with her money and a bank loan. She points out Chris was only 19-years-old at the time and had no money or credit (he'd just been drafted into the NBA by the Toronto Raptors).

Bosh's mother also maintains she has paid all expenses for maintenance and upkeep on the home for the past 10 years. She claims he hasn't even been there to visit her since 2010.

Freida alleges that she was robbed at the home in April 2017 and was afraid to be alone. She then took in tenants and would later get arrested for exploitation of a disabled person but claims the case has been dismissed.

Frieda wants the suit to continue on long enough to allow her to depose her son Chris and grill him about the facts of the case.

In her conclusion, Freida says, "Family relationships matter. They have elements of respect, responsibility, trust and good faith not exhibited elsewhere ... When a mother is promised a place to live for the rest of her life, it should be taken seriously."

The case is ongoing.

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