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Chloë Grace Moretz Twitter Hacked; Account Spews Racist Rant & Jack Dorsey's SS Number

By Mike Walters

Chloë Grace Moretz just had her social media hacked, and the person controlling it also released some private information about Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

Moretz's Twitter account sent out a flurry of tweets Wednesday morning, which included the use of disgusting racial slurs, even the N-word.

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The messages also made several references to a bizarre popular meme, "Chungus," which typically features an overweight version of Bugs Bunny.

According to Internet lore, Chungus is, "An overweight giant earth destroying, God killing rabbit," but the connection to Moretz is unclear.


One of the Tweets also gave out the alleged Social Security number of Twitter head, Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey himself was hacked recently by a group called the, "Chuckling Squad."

They too tweeted out racist messages from Dorsey's account, but it's unclear if they are also responsible for the hack on Moretz.


The person who took control of the "Kick-Ass" star's account also made threats to post "nude" photographs of a woman.

The details of the hacker are unclear, but minutes after the account went rogue, Moretz appeared to assume control of her social media and deleted all the erroneous messages.

Moretz has been plagued by hackers before, she was one of the many celebrities victimized during The Fappening iCloud photo leak back in 2014.


In 2018, a Connecticut man was sentenced to eight months in prison for his participation in The Fappening, which exposed hundreds of celebrities' intimate moments.

The man was accused of posing as a member of Apple's online security team and sending emails to the victims asking for their information. He eventually pleaded guilty to hacking more than 250 Apple iCloud accounts.

Other celebrities effected in that hack included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kirsten Dunst.

We reached out to reps for Moretz in regards to the most recent intrusion.

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