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A Wall Cheez-It Escaped Notice For Four Years

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By Emily Reily

Nobody Can Have Just One

A viral Doritos joke spurned a Vermont woman to pull the same kind of prank on her dad, but with a Cheez-It.

Thanks To the Originator


The Doritos joke was posted on Twitter on Nov. 22, 2014, and lasted quite a while, with the tweeter posting updates on the chip's progress.

Now, there's no way someone would not notice the Dorito's presence, and eventually the guy getting pranked said he wanted it to stay up, preserving the joke for as long as the chip could stand it.

The Sweetest Tribute

Twitter user @_sarasmithhh posted her joke on Nov. 26, 2015, paying homage to the Doritos originator: "I saw a tweet where a girl stuck a chip to the wall & her dad didnt notice it for weeks so im trying it w/ a cheezit."

On Sunday, @_sarasmithhh posted that her Cheez-It gag had gasped its last breath:

"It is with sadness that i must announce that the gag is up. after 1,410 days - almost 4 years - my brother in law spoiled it for us and mentioned it to my dad."

Without a Trace

Smith explained to Buzzfeed: "My brother-in-law accidentally spoiled it two nights ago," and added that the loss really made her sad:

"The whole internet seems to be really mad at him but when I first found out I was actually just really sad that it’s the end of an era."

'Dad Was Like WTF Are You Talking About'


At one point the Cheez-It vanished, and no one knows when or where it went. Since everyone else but Smith's dad knew about it, everyone figured he must have figured it out. Smith's brother-in-law broke the news, saying "Oh you found the cracker."

Smith says it took a lot of work to keep the Cheez-It a secret for so long.

"So I told everyone else [about the Cheez-It], but they were taking a while to notice too. It took a lot of secrecy to keep this alive."

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