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'Cheer' 's Gabi Butler's Parents Had an Eye-Opening Viewing Of the Documentary

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By Emily Reily

More and More People Applauding 'Cheer'

Gabi Butler is a cheerleading juggernaut, and has been for years. She's also just one of the many athletes that can be seen on Netflix' powerful new documentary, "Cheer."

The documentary covers the trials and tribulations of Navarro College's cheerleading team, and their seemingly tireless efforts to win championships every year, even though it's a junior college.

At What Cost?


According to Gabi's Facebook page, she's been a world champion twice, a silver world champion twice, and a National Cheerleaders Association National Grand Champion -- also twice.

Butler's family has been getting a lot of scrutiny from "Cheer," which has footage of her parents urging her to eat only certain kinds of food, packing her days with appearances, and making sure she's the best she can be.

But does Gabi want that?

Bustle writes that in the documentary, Butler is heard saying that she wished she had a "normal life," and that being on social media during all this has been detrimental to her.

Eggs Are a Pretty Good Meal

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At one point in "Cheer," her parents push Gabi to have a piece of fruit instead of eggs, because eggs are not "clean eating."

@KaylaMcCann04 wrote on Twitter:

"Gabi Butler’s parents are really problematic on #CheerNetflix but I’m REALLY pissed about her dad saying eggs aren’t “clean eating” because they are dairy (news flash: they are not) and basically telling her not to eat."

Another example is her parents' alleged exploitation of Gabi's public face and talent.

"Ok #Cheer is insane, but more importantly Gabi Butler’s parents are exploiting her so hard and it’s disgusting tbh also, that girl needs a NAP," said @jessicaannnnnn.

Butler and other members of "Cheer" went on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," and Ellen brought up those controversies.

Butler says she sat down with her family to watch the documentary, adding that it was a real awakening for her parents to see them in action.

"When the show came out, we all watched it together as a family and we were like, 'Oh wow.' It was a really big eyeopener for all of us.

My parents were like, 'Wow, maybe we do need to let her be more independent and let her make her own decisions for herself.' "

Butler Supports Her Parents' Actions


Gabi decided she'd had enough of people attacking her family, and went on Twitter to tell people to knock it off.

Along with an attached message, Gabi also wrote:

"Something important that I need to share. If there is anything I want people to take away from this new show, it is my desire to see our cheer family and community be positive with each other, especially on social media. The world has too much hate already. Let's be different!"

Given she's got a long career ahead of her, it's safe to say this might not be last thing we hear from Butler.

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