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Charlie Sheen Celebrates Two Years Of Sobriety

By Mike Walters

Charlie Sheen has just celebrated a huge accomplishment in his life and legendary career, the actor has now been sober for two years.

On December 10, 2019, Sheen celebrated the monumental moment and his friends and fans sent messages of supporting the actor congratulating him on his sobriety.

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Marking Two Years Of Sobriety


One of Charlie's best friends and fellow actor Tony Todd posted on Instagram, 'Congratulations to my brother of over 45 years @charliesheen for celebrating his 2nd year of proud of your commitment and determination 2 live a healthy lifestyle."

In 2018, Sheen posted a picture of the pin given to people who pass the one-year sober mark,"so, THIS happened yesterday!” He added, “a fabulous moment, in my renewed journey. #TotallyFocused.”

Friends And Family Send Support


Sheen struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years and was candid about his situation with Dr. Oz in 2016, telling the television show host...after 11 years of sobriety, he fell off the wagon.

Charlie described his experience with drugs and alcohol and how it affected his life, “My only experience with manic behavior is usually in the throes of deep partying,” he said. “Deep substance abuse and drinking.”

The actor has bee very open about receiving treatment in the past including stints in rehab, but it's clear this time he is in a great place.

Wanted To Be Present For His Children


In a recent interview, Sheen described what had done it this time to remain on the straight and narrow path, "This last time – the last time – I couldn't get my daughter to an appointment she had," he explained.

Sheen described being intoxicated an having to call a friend to drive his daughter to the appointment. He realized, at the time, his behavior was causing him to not be present for moments with his children.

"The next morning I just woke up and said, 'today's the day.' And that was it," Sheen said.

Congratulations Charlie!


Sheen went on to describe beginning the process of forgiveness from his family and friends, saying he got "tired of apologizing for things you can't remember doing. The amends can't just be words, they have to be actions. But you make them when it's appropriate. It's not about making them on your terms, it's about approaching others on theirs."

Congratulations Charlie! And keep up the good work.

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