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Charlie Sheen Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary Of Quitting Cigarettes -- 'Dear My Lungs, You're Welcome'

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone
By Mike Walters

Charlie Sheen is celebrating a monumental anniversary this 4th of July, it's been one year since he stopped smoking cigarettes!

The 'Major League' star made the announcement on Twitter, commemorating the milestone by speaking directly to his now clear lungs.

“Dear @my lungs,” Sheen wrote on Twitter. “It was one year ago TODAY, that I quit smoking! hashtag - YOU'RE WELCOME !”

Sheen included a photograph of a smashed cig butt adding a visual to the huge moment in his life.

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“If I could go back in time and have NEVER STARTED, I would absolutely do so,” the 'Anger Management' star added.

He continued, “If you are on the fence about quitting, trust me; the sooner the better ! happy 4th !”

Fans of the actor flooded his Twitter account with congratulatory messages included, "Good for you @charliesheen I've been 36 years without a cancer stick. Remember, a long journey starts with the first step. Congrats to you!"

"Congratulations to you, your lungs, your heart, the air around you and, most importantly, the people who love you and will get more time with you!" another added.

Sheen previously celebrated one year of sobriety in 2018. “So, THIS happened yesterday! a fabulous moment, in my renewed journey,” he wrote on Twitter at the time, alongside a photo of his Alcoholics Anonymous medallion.

Dear My Lungs, You're Welcome!!


In 2018, Sheen celebrated one year of sobriety and posted a picture of his Alcoholics Anonymous medallion. “So, THIS happened yesterday! a fabulous moment, in my renewed journey,” he said at the time.

“I try not to think too far down the line, but I’m excited to just have made some changes to give myself a shot and do some cool things professionally. I’m proud of finally being consistent and reliable and noble. If things are insane over there or wherever it happens, the kids know that a return to dad is very organized and nurturing," he told

At the time, he revealed his next health goal was to give up smoking -- and he did it.

Congratulations CS!

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