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Charlie Sheen Battling the IRS for a Payment Plan On His $5.7 Million Tax Bill

By TheBlast Staff

Charlie Sheen is challenging the Internal Revenue Service, claiming they are throwing him into financial turmoil by filing a gigantic lien against him and then not allowing him to use a payment plan.

According to documents, obtained by The Blast, The former "Two and a Half Men" star petitioned the U.S. Tax Court to re-consider his outstanding balance in taxes. As we previously reported, Uncle Sam filed a tax lien back in April against the actor for $4.9 million. That number has now grown to over $5.7 million.

Sheen claims the commissioner at the IRS, John Koskinen, is abusing his power by refusing to grant him an installment payment agreement to repay the millions of dollar in a timely fashion.

In fact, Sheen has already been through a tax appeal hearing,but claims officials were dishonest during the proceedings and he ended up getting screwed.

In March, when he was first notified of the ginormous tax balance, Sheen requested a hearing on the matter and hired a lawyer the day of the hearing. He claims the lawyer asked for a continuance of the hearing and for time to properly prepare, but the court denied the request.

He also claims an official at the hearing lied and claimed the "Hot Shots" star had failed to pay his current taxes, but says he was indeed current. Sheen believes the comments from the official really hurt his chances of getting any leniency from the tax court.

The IRS acknowledged that Sheen requested additional time to prepare, according to documents, but do not explain why they denied it.

Now the actor says the millions owed will make it virtually impossible to conduct his normal business affairs, which will also hinder his ability to obtain money and make an initial "good faith" payment back to the government.

It's also a good move that Sheen filed the petition, because any collection efforts will more than likely be put on hold until the matter is sorted out.

Time to start hitting up those Bravo producers for a storyline on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

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