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Charlie XCX: Naked ‘Stalker’ Arrested After Breaking Into Her L.A. Home

By Mike Walters

A man was arrested at the home of Charli XCX after allegedly breaking into a bedroom 'fully naked' and entering her property without permission.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the musician filed a restraining order against a Wisconsin man who traveled to Los Angeles to meet with the singer. In the filing, she claims she has never met the person in her life, nor communicated with him.

The 'stalker' was arrested by LAPD after being confronted by her roommate, then breaking into her home and getting in her jacuzzi naked.

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Charli XCX Claims The Obsessed Fan Broke Into Her Home Naked


Charli's roommate filed a declaration in the restraining order outlining the terrifying details after confronting the man on her property.

"I came across a man who had walked into the property and was stood at the basement door. It quickly transpired he was not meant to be there. He was asking if Charli was in and if she lived there. He lied about who he was, claiming falsely to be a friend of Charli's and that they lived together in Wisconsin. He'd arrived on foot, sweating, and acting very strangely. I was frankly scared and frightened," she wrote.

Adding, "I asked him to leave three times and as he was leaving he claimed to have founded the qAnon theory. I called the police and filed a trespass report."

Man Allegedly Broke Into A Bedroom 'Fully Naked'


"Our team received an email from his mother later that day who was concerned her son travelled to LA to find Charli. She sent an email with a photo which I confirmed to be the same man," she reported.

According to the documents, the next day, the man returned to the home and gained entry to her property. At that time he was seen on her security cameras walking up and down the side of the house and eventually breaking into a bedroom was 'fully naked.'

"The next evening I got an alarm notification triggered from the house -- I check the cameras and the man had returned, jumped the fence, taken his clothes off and entered in and out of the house naked. This is in addition to a series of hundreds of manic, obsessive and disturbing messages sent to Charli on social media," she explained.

Charli XCX Filed Restraining Order Against Man, Ordered To Stay 100 Yards Away


It continues, "He enters the residence through an exterior bedroom door and enters the bedroom fully naked before reappearing on the side decking of the house. He enters in and out of the house a second time. He then disappears from the camera view."

At that point, the police were called and the man left the location, but, "He was arrested shortly thereafter" walking near her home.

In the documents, Charli says the man is a 'stalker' and because she is a public figure he is "obsessively contacting her via social media. The content is incoherent and at times obsessive and sexual in nature."

A judge issued the restraining order barring the man from coming within 100 yards of her and the home. Plus, he has been ordered to not contact her at all.

It seems like the scary situation might have been too much for the singer, who put the house on the market just a few days later.

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