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Charles Manson's Body 'Still on Ice' as His Pen Pal and Grandson Fight for His Remains

By TheBlast Staff

Charles Manson's body is "still on ice" as his longtime pen pal, Michael Channels, and an attorney representing his grandson, Jason Freeman, arrived in court today to fight for ownership of his body that's currently frozen at the coroner's office.

Manson died of natural causes on November 20. Channels admitted in court today that he's having trouble finding an attorney that is willing to help him fight for Manson's remains. He said he's tried to contact roughly 50 lawyers and "everyone keeps hanging up or laughing" at him.

Channels, who Manson reportedly left all his assets to in a decade-old will, told the judge there could be money left in an account belonging to Manson. However, he didn't specify how much.

Freeman, Manson's only known living relative, was not present in court, but his attorney showed on his behalf.

No decision was made today and a judge said both Channels and Freeman still need to file petitions for release of remains.

On top of that, since Freeman filed in L.A. County and Channels in King's County, it's unclear which court has jurisdiction over the case.

A hearing is scheduled for later this month to decide where both parties will duke it out.

Until then, Manson will remain on ice at the coroner's office.

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