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The Blast shares Kylie Jenner response to Australian wildfires and fan backlash

Celebrity Responses to the Australian Wildfires Have Some Fans Hot

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Sarah Wolstoncroft

While the wildfires tragically rage on in Australia, some celebrity responses have fans pretty mad.

Australia is currently facing the worst wildfire season it has seen in decades, with the flames taking the lives of 500 million animals, killing 24 people and destroying thousands of homes since July.

Despite these facts, fans are calling out celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian for their insensitive social media posts and lack of action in Australia's time of need, while praising actors who are stepping up with public donations instead.

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Kylie Jenner's messed up twice this week

Kicking off the week debuting her new yellow hair, Kylie made a serious faux pas when she captioned a seductive photo of herself with the phrase "find ur fire," according to gossip specialist Perez Hilton.

She quickly changed the insensitive caption to "night out" after fans in the comments dragged her for being "vain" and reminded her to "save the animals."

However, the damage was already done. Comments flooded in continuing to bash Jenner for not donating money publicly to Australia.

One commenter called Jenner out writing, "of all the money you own and you haven't donated one dollar is just mind-blowing in fact none of you have" also referencing Simon Cowell and Cheryl Tweedy as other celebs who failed to contribute.

However, this was Kylie's second mess-up of the week.

Hours earlier, she posted to her story about the animals that died in the fires only to make her very next post a picture of her mink slippers. Fans understandably didn't find her concern very sincere.

Fans aren't too happy with Kim either

Kylie's sis Kim Kardashian is also receiving flack for her response to the Australian fires.

When she spoke out about her belief in the reality of climate change in connection to the fires, fans criticized Kardashian for being insincere and contributing to the emissions problem with her lavish lifestyle, noting luxury is something she is not likely to give up.

One fan specifically called out Kardashian, saying they were "heated" she hadn't donated to the Australian cause, to which Kim responded in an angry tweet.

However, fans weren't quick to have her back.

Instead, they tweeted back to her things like, "you publicize everything else tho AND STILL WEAR FUR...AND TAKE PRIVATE JETS...wild" and "she showed more emotion losing that necklace [in the] sea than the burning animals," referencing Kim's reality meltdown over dropping her earring in the ocean on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

Without much support elsewhere, sister Khloe Kardashian stepped in with an attempt to mediate the situation between her sisters and fans.

At least some celebrities got it right

Not all celebrities were on the chopping block with their fans this week.

Actor Chris Hemsworth recently pledged $1 million to the Australian wildfire cause, which was met with much fan appreciation.

In addition, Australian celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban pledged $500,000 each, while celebs like Snooki reached out to fans for positive charities to donate to.

Also native to Australia, Margot Robbie joined the fight for her home country by taking to her Instagram to share photos from her childhood of the beautiful landscape and offering donation links for fans.

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