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Natalie Portman

Pretty Privileges: Exploring Celebrity Fads

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By Brian Hurwitz

Celebrities often use their public platforms to help their fans lead healthier, happier lives. In doing so, they share preferences and advice on everything from dietary regimens to beauty supplies that they have found to be indispensable as well as affordable. It humanizes them in the public's eye and enables that fanbase to feel a deeper connection to their favorites stars of stage and screen. However, just as often, celebrities reveal that a number of the products and routines that they claim to be life-changing and body-altering are either incredibly expensive or impossibly rare. And in doing so their attempts to show the world they're no different than anyone else only goes to prove how different they really are.

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It seems like every year there's a new fad diet to accompany the latest culinary trends. Some stand the test of time while others are quickly forgotten. Veganism has been around for centuries and proven to be especially popular with celebrities who advocate its health and environmental benefits. But to the average person living off the average paycheck, maintaining a vegan diet can be cost-prohibitive and flavor deficient. Stars like Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Zac Efron and Ellen Pompeo swear by it. Owing to the fact they are not bound by such budgetary restraints, they able to enjoy a completely different different kind of vegan diet than those the fans to whom they recommend it.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Environmentalism is a favorite cause amongst many of the rich and famous. Several live lifestyles that reflect their dedication to saving the planet. And even though a number of them have no doubt advanced the cause, their private lives don't always reflect their public please. Leonardo DiCaprio is one such celebrity who takes an active role in furthering environmental causes worldwide. Problem is, he maintains his involvement by flying in private jets and yachts that pollute the air and the ocean. Former Vice President Al Gore has done so much for the promotion of environmental issues that he won a Nobel Prize. However, he too flies all over the world in private jets and has been known to use twenty times more power to heat and cool his Tennessee home than the average American.

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian has gone to great lengths to relate to her fans. Yet it's unlikely many of those fans keep a team of makeup artists on-call or use a $200 foundation on a daily basis. Gwyneth Paltrow created her lifestyle brand, GOOP, to offer 'new age advice' to those who want to lead a more peaceful, harmonious life. Part of the way Paltrow has admitted she accomplishes this is by using a very pricey cream every night and regular sessions of bee-sting therapy.

Chrissy Teigen
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Model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen has branded herself as a relatable and regular woman who just happens to be wealthy and beautiful. Yet to maintain that beauty, Teigen spends more on eye masks, body creams and concentrates than her fans do on rent. (Bruce Springsteen) [ built his musical empire by giving voice to the struggles of the working class. Although he donates to numerous charitable causes and organizations on a yearly basis while advocating for social justice and economic reforms, The Boss writes off 98% of his property taxes from 200 acres he owns in New Jersey by growing organic tomatoes on a fraction of that land.

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