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The 8 Most Extravagant Celebrity Christmas Gifts

By TheBlast Staff

Not even Santa can compete when it comes to the holidays in Hollywood. When you're dealing with an elite group of people who already have just about everything, the bar is pretty high.

Santa Klausye once left 150 presents under the tree for Kim Kardashian but one of his most lavish gifts was a bespoke, hand painted George Condo Birkin Bag. A regular old Birkin is thousands of dollars but Kim's was valued at about $40,000.

Speaking of artwork, Rihanna once found an original Jeff Koons sculpture under the tree. The sculpture was a gift from the creative director of Fenty Corp. How much could this collection of random pool toys on a stool be worth, you ask? A similar piece sold for $5M and Koons' famed enormous balloon animals were auctioned off for upwards of $50M a piece.

Chrissy Teigen's cooking game is on point and her hubby gifted her a foodie's dream for the holidays in 2015. Legend wrapped up an entire wheel of parmesan cheese, which cost a couple thousand dollars. We're hip to your game John, the present might have been for Chrissy but we all know you're the true winner here.

Somehow this just makes so much sense. Years ago a bunch of record execs were sitting around a conference table (we're guessing here) thinking: what's on Lady Gaga's Christmas list? They came up with a horse. A freaking horse.

Celebs aren't just on the receiving end of fantastical gifts. In 2013, Jennifer Hudson seriously gave the gift that keeps on giving: an actual house. J hud filmed the amazing moment when her assistant Walter realized he had a brand new home.

Jillian Michaels certainly knows how to give a gift. The "Biggest Loser" star had her adorable children give their nanny a little box for the holidays. The box contained a key to a brand new car! The video was like the most heartwarming segment from "The Price is Right" ever.

So, it's not the most extravagant gift on the list but it's definitely unique. What in the world does one get Oprah?! The woman basically sets the gold standard for Christmas lists every year. Jimmy Fallon got creative and sent the mogul a set of holiday sweaters ... for her pups.

It's unclear who gave Justin Bieber the worlds most over-the-top Christmas gift but in 2014 the Biebs got a spanking new jet. He must have been at the very top of Santa's nice list to unwrap this one.

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