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'Celebrity Big Brother' Antics By Dina Lohan Triggers Michael Lohan to Take Legal Action for Her $100,000 Payday

By TheBlast Staff

Dina Lohan has been very open about her family and (possibly fake) relationship while on "Celebrity Big Brother," and nobody has been paying closer attention than her ex-husband who now plans to take legal action against show producers in an attempt to garnish Dina's wages.

Michael Lohan tells The Blast, "From the time Dina told me she was going on 'Celebrity Big Brother,' I was rooting for her, but when she brought me into the show to make herself look like a victim, I draw the line."

Lindsay Lohan's father is referring to comments Dina has been making to the other houseguests about her former marriage with Michael and the financial turmoil he allegedly left her in afterwards.

"With regard to money, I bought her house," Michael explained, adding that "When we divorced I gave her the house for the kids ... I have it all to her for the kids but it came back to bite her in the ass because she kept the kids from me."

Michael, who is currently divorcing Kate Major, says he has been on very good terms with Dina over the past few years. He claims that he has been financially supporting Dina, and "Whenever there's a problem, she calls me." Michael says he's actually taking care of construction going on at Dina's home during her stay on "Big Brother," where she has almost made it to the finale.

Michael says he'd rather Dina not discuss him at all on "Big Brother," but if admits if she does bring him up, he wants her to "be honest."

After feeling trashed by his ex, Michael says he's taking action if she bring his name or the allegations come up with any more lies about him, explaining, "I still have a $100,000 judgement on her and I never pursued it because she's so broke." He says, "But after this, the network and production company will be getting a call from my lawyers. If she keeps up the antic"

The hundred grand number is also interesting, considering that is exactly how much money Dina was getting offered by show producers to appear on the TV competition.

Michael is vowing to now get the money he claims Dina owes, but claims he won't keep it, telling us, "When I get it, I'll donate the money to a charity for addiction."

As we reported, Michael is also worried about Dina being taken advantage of by an alleged boyfriend she's never met. Everyone in the "Big Brother" house thinks she's being "catfished."

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