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Everyone's Clawing At the New 'Cats' Trailer

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By Emily Reily

Pounce Upon This New Trailer


A new trailer for the upcoming movie Cats was released this morning, and it's got everyone reaching for the catnip.

The film features a litany of stars, like James Corden, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellan, Rebel Wilson, Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Idris Elba, and Jennifer Hudson.

Francesca Hayward of the Royal Ballet makes her debut in the movie.

The clip is only two minutes long, but it involves a lot of action, and even Judi Dench in a long fur coat.

This CGI version of the hit Broadway show that's being adapted for film is directed by Tom Hopper, and arrives in theaters Dec. 20.

Hooper directed The King's Speech, which won an Oscar, so he has a proven track record.

Swift Cat


The makeup and sets look fantastic. And even though these celebrities are all playing cats, it's still easy to recognize them. We see you, Taylor Swift.

Rolling Stone writes that last week, Swift released the song “Beautiful Ghosts,” which accompanies the film. She wrote the song with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

But Taylor won't perform the song in the movie. Instead, the song will be sung by Victoria (Hayward) after the song, “Memory," the show's most iconic song.

We'll hear Swift's version of the song as the credits roll.

Why Are They So Small?


It's kind of difficult to understand what exactly is going on in the trailer, but one thing is clear: Everyone is really small for some reason. Not only that, the cats look rather weird.

As Collider writes:

"The CGI here is certainly, uh, something, and when paired with Hooper’s handheld camera (which I suppose is meant to give it a grounded/visceral feeling) it’s quite jarring."

Vulture reminds us that one of the plot points of "Cats" is that they're all trying to determine which cat will be reborn into the next life.

“I judge a cat by its soul,” Dench says.

But it seems the viewing public will determine whether the movie will be seen favorably as the days go on.

A 'Cats' Trailer Is Reason Enough To Break


David Wright of CNN (@DavidWright_CNN) wanted to make the stretch that the reason the Trump Impeachment Inquiry took a quick break this morning was so that everyone in the hearing room could catch the new trailer.

Anything's possible, but this is probably just an unlikely coincidence.

"CATS drops new trailer: 11:00am

Impeachment hearing takes recess: 11:18am


Baby Yoda Would Like a Word

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Twitter made reference to that other animal that's been making the rounds on the internet: Baby Yoda. He's that strange green baby who's appeared in the Disney + show "Star Wars: The Mandalorian."

@kylebuchanan tweeted:

"What the Cats need to understand is that we're now living in a post-Baby Yoda world."

Baby Yoda comes first.

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