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The 'Cats' Movie Has Some Embarrassing CGI Mistakes

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS
By Emily Reily


The newest train wreck known as _Cats_ is already back in the shop for edits, even though it was released just days ago.

The movie, which stars Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson and many others, is getting a dressing down by critics and viewers alike.

It only took in $2.6 million at the box office on its opening day Friday, and reviews have been savage.

Top-Shelf Special Effects


Now, theatres will soon receive an updated version of the movie with "some improved visual effects," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently it's no secret that director Tom Hooper wasn't quite finished with tweaks to the movie, which cost $100 million to make, so these edits are meant to take care of that.

Edits to a movie already in theatres is an extremely unusual step for a movie, so bravo for making history.

Why Not Extend the Deadline?

Ramin Setoodeh, a writer for Variety, tweeted a quote from Hooper: “I finished the film yesterday at 8 am in London." Setoodeh said Hooper had been working on the movie for 36 hours straight.

Why was this thing rushed? Was it purely to rake in some Christmas cash? What else was going on behind the scenes that we don't know about? The story surrounding_Cats_ is getting more and more curious by the second.

Don't Walk, Run, To See The Mistakes Before They're Gone

Giphy | weinventyou

These "mistakes" aren't minor edits -- they're big-time f-ups.

A reddit thread discussing these abominations mentions that random cats are also floating around when they should be planted on terra firma.

Reddit user sushideception wrote:

“There’s a dance scene that takes place on a railway yard where the animation is so terrible and the placement so atrocious the cats look like they’re on a completely separate plane and were cut and pasted onto the railyard like s---ty 3D assets.

They’re also very clearly floating above chairs when they sit or, in some scenes like the railway one, their feet are separated from the ground when they’re standing. It was kind of surreal to see scenes so seemingly unfinished on the big screen.”

Hands-Down, 'Cats' Is a Horror Show


At one point, Judi Dench's human hand -- with a ring on her finger -- is clearly visible. To clarify, we're supposed to see Judi Dench's human face, not her human hand.

Movie critic Alex Cranz explained another huge error, and the way he describes it kind of makes you want to see the movie, just to experience the godawful spectacle of it all.

“I saw a terrifying grey statue looming over a character, only for it to blink and realize it’s a woman who is a cat, but they colored her and then forgot to add fur.”

So it's like a denuded cat. We've got to see this movie now.

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