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Carrie Underwood Pulls Hilarious Prank on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Leading up to CMA Awards

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Natalie Hunter

Carrie Underwood made sure to stop by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on her media tour and she made her time there worthwhile. Jimmy Kimmel showed a pre-recorded clip of her perfectly-executed prank. She perfect venue for this Country Music Awards-themed prank: a boot store in Nashville, Tennessee. Carrie Underwood stood at the back of the boot store and sang a rendition of her hit song 'Before He Cheats' into the PA system. However, this version of 'Before He Cheats' isn't one the shoppers in this boot store would've recognized.

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Instead, she sang a different version describing the people in the store. She listened to the shop employees talk to guests about themselves to get material for her song. She then sang, "Right now, we got three ladies who wanna buy some cute boots to go line dancing," the Grammy winner sang. "Right now, one lady has purple hair. She's the punk rock one, gonna get some boots now." She then targeted another group of women singing, "These girls are coming from Virginia," she continued. "Virginia is for lovers, lovers of boots. This lady is laughing because she knows that I'm singing 'bout her and her boots."

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Carrie Underwood came out and greeted the ladies who told her she made their day. She then directed her attention to an unsuspecting man named John. "If you do a dance for me," she sang. "You're gonna get those cowboy boots for free. So start moving and shake your derrière." John got down and boogied while Underwood egged him on, "Dance again and don't you stop," she sang. "In your cute blue sweater top. I promise those boots will be on me." She then, being in a boot store, went on to sing a parody of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Nancy Sinatra.


She sang to two men, "These boots are made for bearded guys. They like their size 12. One of these guys just picked some boots off the bottom shelf. Carrie Underwood is singing directly to you. High five each other and I'll bring your boots right out to you." After some prodding by Underwood, the men high-fived and she fulfilled her promise of bringing their boots to them. The three then high-fived together. Carrie Underwood has hosted the CMAs for 12 years, and who knows? Maybe one she'll sing one of these new versions at this year's CMAs with co-hosts Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton. Carrie is ecstatic to share the spotlight with them. "[Reba] and [Dolly Parton], thanks for showing me how it’s done!" Underwood captioned on Instagram. "I am so honored to share the stage with you!

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