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Cardi B Victorious In Bid To Keep Videotape and Private Texts With Offset Private

By Ryan Naumann

Cardi B has scored a small victory in her $30 million battle with her former manager, as a judge sided with the singer by sealing her videotaped deposition and private texts with Offset.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a New York federal judge has ordered the videotape and transcript of Cardi B’s upcoming deposition sealed.

The judge ruled, “The Court concludes that the status of Belcalis Almanzar as a person of public interest, as well as the privacy interest enjoyed by any litigant, strongly counsel in favor of limiting the use of the video version of the deposition. Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that the video version of the deposition of Belcalis Almanzar shall be used only for purposes of this litigation and shall not be filed or otherwise disseminated to any member of the public without permission of the Court.”

Cardi recently went to court pleading for a protective order for her upcoming videotaped deposition in the case. Shaft will be deposing the singer and asking her about a variety of things. Cardi believes she will be asked about her finances and private conversations with husband Offset.

Cardi’s former manager Shaft demanded she be shut down and wanted no protective order. A judge didn’t see things his way and sided with the singer.

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Last year, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael originally sued Cardi B for $10 million, claiming she breached their contract by ditching him as her manager.

Cardi B counter-sued Raphael seeking $15 million in damages, accusing him of screwing her over after she entrusted him and his companies with many aspects of her business affairs.

She claimed that despite him having a duty to act in her best interest, he took advantage of her “trust and naiveté and persuaded her to sign contracts and to enter into deals in which Mr. Raphael attempted to take an unreasonable and unconscionable portion of [her] earnings in the entertainment industry for himself.”

In 2015, Cardi B said she signed her deal with Raphael’s company — without a lawyer — which provided her former manager with a 20% cut of her earnings. She said he breached their deal by failing to provide monthly accounting, failed to appoint an independent business manager and for not providing her with adequate payments owed to her.

Earlier this year, Cardi’s father, Carlos Almanzar, was served with a subpoena in the case along with her husband Offset. The ex-manager wants to grill each about Cardi and what they know about the case.

Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina is also set to be subpoenaed in the case.

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