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Cardi B’s Sister Hennessy Carolina Catches Over 2 MILLION Likes For Insane Twerk Video

Getty / Instagram
By Whitney Vasquez

Everyone is going wild for Cardi B's little sister Hennessy Carolina after she dropped her latest thirst trap on social media showing off her INSANE twerking skills. The 24-year-old wowed her 6.2 million Instagram followers when she shared a mesmerizing video showing her unbelievable booty popping on Tuesday night and it's already gained over 2 MILLION likes and more than 15,000 comments. And if you questioned where she got all that stamina, wonder no more. Prior to her unbelievable twerk display, Hennessy Carolina was fueling her curves with tons of delicious and greasy carbs.

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Her Twerk Skills Are Untouchable:


Hours before blowing her fan's minds, Cardi B's sister was living everyone's dream by stuffing her face with oily pizza and gooey ravioli was that was covered in cheese. Hennessy Carolina shared her yummy Italian fest with fans on her Instagram Story, which all went right to her backside and gave her instant energy to keep moving as fast as the energizer bunny. She even indulged in dessert like rich tiramisu before stripping down to her matching pajamas and twerking her way through the reggaeton song, "Hit It From The Back" by DJ Nelson.

The Twerk Video:


Hennessy Carolina delighted fans by placing the video camera in the perfect position and seductively began shaking her junk while looking back at it. Her booty was magnetic, even when it was slightly off-camera and her fans were left drooling. “Lmaoooo yasss bitch always knew how to shake it,” one fan wrote. “Who else think Hennessy finer than cardi?” asked someone else. “She really fuckin it up period,” added a third. Even her famous sister got in on the action. “Yaaaaasssssss,” Cardi B wrote.

She's Not In Cardi's Shadow:


Other stars praising Hennessy Carolina for her unmatchable twerk talent included Tamar Braxton who wrote, "Periodt," and T.I.'s wife, Tiny, who paid Cards B’s sister tickets by saying, “Okay!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽.” Hennessy Carolina has been the star of the show lately and recently made hearts melt by posing topless. Within minutes after sharing the revealing photo, she gained over 300,000 likes from fans and has collected more than 2,400 comments, which is nothing compared to last night's video. Her followers became instantly obsessed with the star. "Henny might be next up💯," one fan wrote. "Love me some henny baby," added someone else. "Talk that talk girl. Obsessed with you," responded another. While Hennessy Carolina is usually seen on the red carpet as Cardi B's hypewoman, she's definitely making a name for herself.

She's a Boss!


Just months ago, fans really took notice of the "Press" rapper's little sister when she first debuted her sexy twerking skills. Flaunting her dance moves, Hennessy Carolina left jaws on the floor when she wore next-to-nothing and began booty shaking in her nude racy one-piece. There's no competition here though because Hennessy and Cardi B are the best of friends. The rapper even gifted her a $200k Mercedes G-Wagon for her birthday in December. While we love the sister combo, it's refreshing to see Hennessy shine on her own!

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