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Cardi B's Sister Hennessy Carolina Makes Hearts Stop With Topless Pic

By Whitney Vasquez

Cardi B isn't the only one in her family who can collect likes. Her little sister, Hennessy Carolina, proved just that when she posted a risqué photo that's so hot it's making fans sweat. The 24-year-old stunner shared a topless picture of herself on Instagram Tuesday and within minutes Cardi B's sister gained over 300,000 likes from fans and has collected more than 2,400 comments. Some are even questioning if she's surpassed her famous rapping sister in the hotness category.

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Stunting On Instagram:


Wearing nothing but see-through black tights, Hennessy Carolina posed with her bare chest. Turning sideways and attempting to cup her hand over her exposed breast, Hennessy's hand could barely keep her bare boob from spilling out. Pushing her dark hair back with her free hand, Cardi B's sister was definitely giving off maximum sex appeal. She shared the sizzling picture with an even more risqué caption. "I know your bitch she wanna f---, but I’m taken so she out of luck," she stated.

The Topless Picture:


"Henny might be next up💯," one fan wrote. "Love me some henny baby," added someone else. "Talk that talk girl. Obsessed with you," responded another. While many encouraged the up and comer, some obviously couldn't contain their excitement over the topless picture. "Turn around real quick, I’m tryna see sum," a person wrote. "Miss new booty move that hand for me," said another follower. While Hennessy Carolina is usually seen on the red carpet as Cardi B's hypewoman, she's definitely making a name for herself.

Hennessy's Got That Thing:


A few months ago, fans really took notice of the "Press" rapper's little sister when she showed off her sexy twerking skills. Flaunting her dance moves, Hennessy Carolina left jaws on the floor when she wore next-to-nothing and began booty shaking in her nude racy one-piece. There's no competition here though because Hennessy and Cardi B are the best of friends. The rapper even gifted her a $200k Mercedes G-Wagon for her birthday in December. While we love the sister combo, it's refreshing to see Hennessy shine on her own!

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