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Cardi B's Sister Hennessy Carolina Reveals 'Low-key' Foot Fetish

By Whitney Vasquez

Cardi B's little sister Hennessy Carolina is getting real about what she turns her on in the bedroom, and it's probably not what you think. The 24-year-old revealed her "weird fetish" when she appeared as a guest on MTV's special "WTFNess," an episode that aired earlier this week. The show, hosted by comedian James Davis, is dedicated to showing the most insane videos on the Internet that promises to leave a guest panel screaming out one phrase, “WTF!” That's where Hennessy Carolina dished about her bedroom behavior.

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Revealing Her Bedroom Behavior:


Cardi B's sister, who recently took the world by storm with her insane twerk video, was asked by James Davis "what's a fetish you have?" He then corrected himself and made it a little more interesting by correcting his question by asking what "weird fetish" she has. "Oh!" Hennessy Carolina replied then stuck out her tongue in a vulgar gesture while rubbing her hands together. "I have a lot," she informed the live audience who couldn't stop cracking up over her hilarious response.

She's Bisexual & In A Relationship:


"It's weird I do! I think I have a foot fetish," Hennessy Carolina admitted. Elaborating event more, the young social media influencer said, "If a girl's got some cute toes, I look at those b***** like 'Yeah, baby!'" Cardi B's sister came out as bisexual in 2018 and has been dating her girlfriend Mel for years. Most recently, Hennessy Carolina shared a photo with her boo during Christmas time, showing them cuddled up before unwrapping presents. But her sexuality isn't the only thing keeping her in the headlines.

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She's Got Mad Twerk Skills:


She recently put on an impressive twerk display that left mouths everywhere wide open. Posting a twerk video while wearing almost see-through pajamas, Hennessy Carolina's booty popping footage collected over 2 MILLION likes in hours. Dancing to "Hit It From The Back" by DJ Nelson, she did just that. Hennessy Carolina delighted fans by placing the video camera in the perfect position and seductively began shaking her junk while looking back at it. Her booty was magnetic, even when it was slightly off-camera and her fans were left drooling. “Lmaoooo yasss bitch always knew how to shake it,” one fan wrote. “Who else think Hennessy finer than cardi?” asked someone else. “She really fuckin it up period,” added a third. Even her famous sister got in on the action. Cardi B proved that she's not jealous of her sister's rise to fame and even commented on the saucy video by writing, “Yaaaaasssssss." The "Press" singer later uploaded Hennessy Carolina's twerk video to her own page with the caption, "THE BIG H!"

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