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Cardi B's Sister Hennessy Carolina's Curve Hugging Leotard Helps Prove Blondes Have More Fun

By Jeff Mazzeo

While most people were pouring shots on Friday night, Hennessy Carolina was busy pouring out of her skin-tight bodysuit!

Cardi B's lil sis looked good enough to drink as she seductively posed for the camera. The 24-year-old ditched her braids and opted for a blonde wig to go with her perfect makeup and diamond choker.

"They say blondes have more fun 👄," Henny captioned her sultry post.

Scroll down to see her work the camera over with her new blonde hair.

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She's Having Too Much Fun


Henny teased her millions of fans by lipsyncing and dancing to the remix of "La Bebe," which just so happens to feature her famous sister.

"La bebe remix ft @iamcardib 🥛," she captioned the seductive video and made sure to include a milf glass emoji.

For those who don't speak Spanish, Cardi's lyrics say, "Me pide leche (Uah) Y en la boca se la doy, pero no te apeche' (No te apeche')," which translates to, "Ask me for milk (Uah) And in the mouth I give it to you, but don't get attached '(Don't get attached')."

It def sounds more artistic in Spanish.

Getty Cheeky


Carolina certainly pushes the envelope when it comes to what she can get away with on Instagram. Last week, she shared what she's working with in a big way! Her revealing post that showed off her toned backside.

"Quarantine and chill 🈯️," Hennessy wrote in the caption of her post.

Let's just say her fans were more than pleased to check her out.

"Long hair don’t care," one follower commented before another replied, "ninja you ain’t looking at her hair. Stop it 😂."

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


She's been having a lot of fun while stuck at home and by a lot of fun we mean drastically changing her hairstyle. Earlier this month, she showed off her long braids but as a fan pointed out above, are you really looking at her hair?

"This Sound like Henny with the braids 😜," she captioned a photo in some skintight leather pants. Her Jordans were pretty sick too.

She tried to act like we couldn't see what she was up to with her camouflage top but we can recognize a thirst trap anywhere.

Remember When She Broke The Internet?


Let us never forget the blessed night when Hennessy broke the internet with her amazing twerking skills! The rump-shaking game changed that night back in February when she seriously stepped up the competition.

Cardi is a pretty damn good twerker and we are sure she taught Henny everything she knows but it seems like the student has become the master... the twerk master! Celebrate her triumph by watching the video below again.

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