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Cardi B's Sister Hennessy Carolina Can't Hide Her Dangerous Curves In Skintight Leather Pants & Camo

By Jeff Mazzeo

We see you, Hennessy!

Cardi B's little sister, Hennessy Carolina proved she's only little in the waist but she's big where it counts. The 24-year-old squeezed her booty into some skintight leather pants on Friday and then tried to act like we couldn't see what she was up to with her camouflage top. Hennessy wanted everyone to look at her braids but when fans followed the long trail of hair, they couldn't focus on what a good job the hairstylist did.

"This Sound like Henny with the braids 😜," she captioned the sultry snaps.

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Henne Got Back!


Her curvy pictures seemed to cause her millions of fans to lose all social decorum and they got a little graphic in the comments section.

"Love 👅😍that curvey a-- Hennessy," a bold fan commented.

"Queen what’s ya secret??? Your thickness is unbelievable 😍😍😍," another asked.

"Sis getting Thicc on’em 😍😍," a third follower said.

One desperate fan popped the question in the comments but unfortunately for him, we don't think she swings that way. "I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wanna marry you," the fan wrote.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


The braids are a sudden and interesting choice because she was crowing about how great her curls were looking days before. Carolina posted a video of her teasing her short curls before slowing putting on a pair of dark shades. We gotta admit it, she looked pretty bada--!

"OKKKKAYYYY MY CURLS COMING IN💁🏽‍♀️🌀," she captioned her playful video.

Perhaps we are a little naive but she must be some sort of hair wizard because her braids are super long but her curls were really short. We don't get how that's possible (weave us alone)!

She's Into Leather, Daddy


The young influencer is no stranger to leather... or pleather.. or latex... you get the point, she likes to squeeze everything into those sultry shiny outfits.

Her leather looks can be a little intimidating, especially when she uses captions like, "Dominate 🖤," and "Taste of Henny🥃♠️♥️." but the clothes definitely suit her and suit her well. We really like the butt zippers.

Best Twerker In The Family?


Hennessy learned a lot from her big sis butt perhaps the student has become the master when it comes to twerking. She came for the crown back in February when she dropped a video of her dropping it low to show her top-notch skills.

"It’s been a while since I’ve Twerk #HitItFromTheback 😝🍑," Hennessy wrote in the caption of her video.

The video was kinda graphic at times, really awesome but pretty graphic. Hennessy used the #HitItFromTheback to point out the rhymic reggaeton song she was dancing to which is appropriately titled, "Hit It From The Back" by DJ Nelson. Isn't social media the best?

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