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Cardi B Defending Her Actions

Cardi B is addressing the trolls after comments about the plastic surgery she's had.

She posted a video slamming those pointing out that she's had work done on her body, giving the clip the title: "Am I bugging ? Women talk about uplifting each other, but are we really uplifting each other?"

Her video was later deleted.

Babies Do That


Cardi B has spoken in the past about getting plastic surgery, and talked with "Entertainment Tonight" earlier this year about getting her breasts redone after the birth of her daughter, Kulture.

"I just got my boobs redone. My daughter f—ed me up! She did, she so did."

Most mothers can sympathize.

Don't Cross Cardi B

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She posted the video on Instagram, taking aim at people who are critical of others for getting plastic surgery:

"Let me tell you something. I don't like talking shit about bitches' bodies because I remember the struggle, baby. I remember when I had no motherf—ing titties and I remember when I had a fun-sized ass."

Hate All You Want, She's On Top

Cardi B also mentioned her sister, Hennessey, who she says could get her body fixed any way she wants but who right now is a "natural."

"My sister — she a natural. She got small t-tties. She got a little cute ass. She ain't hating on the next bitch because she know if she want it, she could get. So y'all talking s— about these bitches' bodies because you want it, or what? ‘Cause it sounds like you hatin'."

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