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Every Day She's Hustling


There is no one better to drive home the gift of money than Cardi B.

The rapper appears in a new Pepsi ad in which she serves as one of Santa's elves, but this time, the rapper is giving out money, not gifts.

The commercial begins with a bedtime story about Cardi B and her sister when they were little. The two are seen inside their home in the Bronx, waiting up to watch Santa Claus as he blows through town.

Indeed, Kris Kringle pays the girls a visit, but he only leaves gifts for one -- Cardi's little sister. Why doesn't Cardi get a present?

A Sweet Story


The girls find a piece of paper that comes in through the window. It's the infamous naughty list, and Cardi B's name is smack-dab at the top.

This does not please young Cardi. Determined, she says it's okay to be naughty and nice; in fact, that's what makes Cardi B the person she is today.

So she pledges to do something when she gets older: she's going to give presents to whomever she wants, but instead of gifts, she's going to give out cold hard cash.

Cardi Hasn't Changed


Fast-forward to present-day.

Cardi B is out there with certified hits like "Be Careful," "Money," and "Bodack Yellow," in which she says “I pay my mama bills, I ain't got no time to chill."

Money, either having it or getting it, is one key to her success, so creating a Christmas narrative around her favorite thing makes perfect sense.

The Pepsi commercial shows Cardi B bringing her pledge to life. She then appears in a white fur coat with straight platinum hair, and she's talking on the phone.

"What do you mean? You're my manager. You know what I like. I want some of that Pepsi money. I need it!"

Here's What To Do


Then she puts her blue, bejeweled can of Pepsi into a little door, which opens up to show "Cardi's Twerk Shop," where elves are busy packing cartons of Pepsi.

Stacks of cash with Cardi B's face on them are being shipped on a little train track to go.... somewhere.

Then elves are seen bringing wrapped packages to Cardi's flying car, as Cardi says, "Time to make it rain, dear."

Then she explains the giveaway: People are to buy a can of Pepsi (of course) and scan the code

"Scan your Pepsi, get a match, and gift that money forward to whoever you want," she says.

Money -- the best gift of all?

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