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Jimmy Kimmel Translates Offset & Cardi B's Lyrics For Old People

By Whitney Vasquez

Jimmy Kimmel just schooled everyone by translating Offset and Cardi B's lyrics.

During an appearance on his late night talk show on Wednesday, the trio laughed their way through the power couple's hit song, "Clout," as Kimmel explained each line for old people.

During the sketch called "New Lyrics For Old People,” the host hilariously broke down the NSFW lyrics.

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Giphy | Offset

Stiffly, Kimmel begins explaining the simple lyric "straight out the streets to a penthouse, Miami beach."

"I came from humble beginnings but now I own a condominium in Florida," he said.

Another translation went a little something like this.

Offset: "Swapping our cars with my bitch. I bought her the Lambo she bought me the Wraith (Swappin')."

"That's me," Cardi chimed in.

"That means his wife and I exchanged cars and jewelry. Correct?" Kimmel asked.

Giphy | Offset

Things really got interesting though when Cardi started rapping a censored lyric about her lady parts.

"Mouth still say what it wants to (Woo). Vagina still wet like a big bitch (Facts, facts)," she spitted.

Laughing hysterically, Kimmel attempts to translate.

"I believe in free speech," he began. "And I am sexually aroused."

Watch the Whole Thing:


Translating their lyrics wasn't the only reason the duo were at Jimmy Kimmel's studio.

Offset and Cardi B also performed "Clout" in the most epic way possible.

Starting the concert on the streets of Hollywood Blvd. while locals cheered the couple on, Cardi stopped to take selfies with fans and even gave a grandpa a little extra attention.


Making their way to the stage, located in the back lot of Kimmel's building, Cardi and Offset were high energy and the crowd loved them.

Cardi showed off her famous backside wearing a tight, psychedelic bodysuit.

Sporting the tie-dye colors that included blue, orange, pink, red and yellow, the mom of one flaunted her curves and showed off her ladies too.

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