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Cardi B Impersonator Natalie Friedman Nails Hilarious Tekashi 6ix9ine Impression

By Jeff Mazzeo

Somebody did an amazing Tekashi 6ix9ine impression but we will never rat her out... just kidding it was comedian Natalie Friedman.

The hilarious actress, who gained fame by doing a spot on Cardi B impression, got out her rainbow wig and spent hours minutes drawing all the rapper's face tattoos on with a Sharpie. Natalie went so far as to have a fake IG Live graphic that said she had 2 billion viewers.

"🌈6ix9ine: GUESS HOW MUCH ALL THIS BLING COST?!❓🦈Stoopid!! #6ix9ine #gooba #tekashi69," Natalie joked in the caption of her post.

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Her Rings Look Like Candy


"If you don't got ring pops like this, you can't beef with me!" Friedman said during her impression. "If you've never spent a night cuddling in a holding cell with Big J, you can't beef with me!"

The comedian went on to poke fun at the fact that his 6ix9ine's house arrest location was leaked. Let's just say her material is on point and very timely and her fans appreciated the laugh.

"The fact that she licked the ring pop with such a straight face 🤣🤣," one excited fan commented.

Her Cardi B Impression


As we previously mentioned, Natalie's Cardi impression really put her on the map. Natalie has impressed the rapper herself numerous times and Friedman got a chance to do Cardi's iconic laugh in front of the star.

After the birth of Kulture, Cardi shared a funny video of Natalie and a friend pretending to be the new parents. "Lmaaaoooo too funny 😂😂Thank you everybody for the congrats we really apreciated❤️," Cardi captioned the reposted video at the time.

She Might Be The Only Doja Cat Impersonator


Friedman is very much plugged in to pop culture and never misses an opportunity to make her fans laugh. Earlier this month, she slipped into character to simulate how Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj planned their "Say So" remix, which ended up being number 1 on some important music chart.

Not only did she do a hilarious job rapping Nicki's verse but she might be the only person in the world that can capture Doja Cat's interesting speech pattern.

Spot On Ariana Grande


Her repertoire includes everyone from Kris Jenner to a generic Instagram influencer but if you spend way too much time on the internet (like us), then you will fully enjoy all her characters. We are particularly fond of her Ariana Grande impression but maybe we are just suckers for a high pony. Her friend's Pete Davidson impression creeped us out a little but we got a chuckle from it.

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