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Cardi B Denies Offset Sex Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By Whitney Vasquez

Cardi B and Offset are self-quarantining under the same rooftop but when it came to his latest sexual advance, the "Please Me" rapper hilariously denied him and then put him on blast. The 27-year-old superstar and her husband are known for their over-the-top NSFW romance, but Cardi B said she had no more love to give after nearly one week in quarantine. The dark-headed bombshell has been vocal about how upset she is regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and she wasn't in the mood for lovin' when Offset attempted to swoon her last night.

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Their PDA is Over The Top:


Cardi B first showed the couple hanging out at home and said they were "so f---ing bored" that Offset was rolling a slew full of blunts "for no reason." In the video that she posted on her Instagram Wednesday, Offset can be seen rolling a fatty then panned to show at least 14 others just sitting on the table beside them. She also posted a video on her Instagram Story serenading her rapper husband while he laughed along. Only, she was a tune out of pitch so that's what kept him entertained.

Denying Him What His Heart Desires:


Finally, when it was time for bed, Cardi B and Offset must have been in separate rooms but the Migos rapper wanted to get intimate so he did what any millennial would do ... he text her for a booty call. The "Press" rapper showed their hilarious text chain and she made it clear that she's all out of love during the pandemic that's been sweeping across the nation. When Offset wrote "I'm horny again," Cardi B replied, "Goodbye." Then things got really interesting between the married duo.

Their Hilarious Text Chain!


Offset wrote back and asked for the royal treatment. "D--- service," he romantically text his wife to which she replied in the most epic way. "My p---- is sleeping," she wrote. Not only did Cardi B deny her husband's sexual advance, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper put Offset's attempt on her Instagram Story for the whole world to see. Posting the hilarious text chain, Cardi B wrote, "I got no more p---- to give him." This comes just a few days after she told fans she was moving to Antarctica to escape the Coronavirus outbreak.

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