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Cardi B Shares PAINFUL Video Of Her Getting At-Home Bikini Wax -- See The Shocking Video!

By Mike Walters

Cardi B is letting her fans in on a very intimate, and very painful part of her personal hygiene regiment while at home during quarantine -- the rapper decided to share a video of her at-home bikini wax, and it sounds brutal!!

The rapper took to Instagram stories to share the painful experience, of course, with the camera on her face the entire time. But, it looks incredibly painful.

“Today is pain day," she wrote on Instagram before sharing several videos of herself wearing a mask while someone rips the hair out of her body.

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See The PAINFUL Video Of Cardi B Getting Waxed!!


In the video, you can see that Cardi is hesitant to get the procedure done, even holding the hand of someone nearby for support. She can be heard saying, "no, no, no" anticipating the rip from the wax paper.

Cardi keeps the entire situation PG, but you can hear the rip and see her painful reaction as soon as it is over!

It appears Cardi is indulging in several at-home beauty treatments including her nails and toes. In the video, you can hear Cardi call out to the 'nail lady' while she is getting waxed.

You Know That Hurts!!


The rapper shared pictures and videos of her dope nails and perfectly manicured toes as the last slide on her Instagram.

As you know, beauty salons and other hair care businesses have shut down during the Coronavirus outbreak. But, if they are willing to come to your home and do it for you, you are good to go!

Cardi posted another photo of herself looking smoking hot, sporting a pink dress with bright pink hair. Although she is quarantining with her family, it looks like she is ready for date night!

Worth It? -- Nails And Toes Are On Point!


Earlier this month, Cardi showed off her impressive nails during a live chat with Senator Bernie Sanders, pointing out that she had painted her nails because staying home was making her feel “so nasty, so unattractive.”

Bernie joked with the rapper asking about his own nails, saying, “I want you to take a look at my nails. How are they looking?”

“They’re looking very quarantine,” Cardi said. Adding, “I can tell you’ve been in quarantine for a while now with those nails, but it’s okay Uncle Bernie.”

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