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Cardi B Tries Kimchi for the First Time After Shopping Spree at Asian Market

By TheBlast Staff

Cardi B's daughter is not the only culture in her life, because the rapper sampled delicacies from the Far East and shared her treasures with her millions of fans.

Cardi reviewed her score after swinging by an Asian market and loading up on Japanese and Korean snack foods.

Among the treats, the "Please Me" singer showed off assorted chips and ramen flavors, including lobster and kimchi.

She also picked up a Taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake filled with bean paste, but admits she didn't want to eat too much because they make her "sh*t."

Cardi said she's been a fan of Mukbang videos online, in which a host livestreams their meal, and has wanted to try the fermented vegetables, kimchi.

She liked it, but said it was a little too spicy for her taste. Among the weirder things, Cardi showed off a bag of tiny dried crabs that she says are hard to chew without cutting her mouth.

Cardi definitely enjoys a good meal, and regularly shares her food with fans. She says her mom has been trying to keep her healthy, and made some fresh-pressed juice for the star to drink.

Unfortunately, Cardi said the concoction was so nasty, "I want to fight my mom."

"Cooking with Cardi" is ripe for somebody to start producing ASAP.

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