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Did Camila Cabello Just Say She's 'In Love' With Shawn Mendes?!

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By Whitney Vasquez

Camila Cabello may have just revealed she's in love with Shawn Mendes while speaking openly about her upcoming forth album.

The "South of The Border" singer dished a little more than expected during her interview with Variety as one of their Power of Young Hollywood cover stars.

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Shawn Mendes:

Gettyimages | Mike Windle

Speaking about their collaboration on the hit "Señorita," Cabello said, "it’s so much fun getting to work and do things with somebody who means a lot to you.”

Opening up even more, without using his name directly, the 22-year-old revealed how "falling in love" has helped motivate her for new music.

Falling in Love:

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil

Stating she's only looking towards the "now," Cabello stated, "Falling in love is like an infinite amount of levels and layers and angles."

Her relationship status hasn't just made her personal life better, but it's also directly impacted her career and writing.

"I fell in love and just opened up. Everything was written in present moment," she added.

Dating Her is Like:

Gettyimages | Christian Vierig

Ever wonder what it would be like to date the former Fifth Harmony star?

Cabello also reveals what Shawn Mendes goes through by being her man.

"I’m a romantic; I’m emotional. But I think through stuff a lot," she opens up. "It’s like there’s two Camilas: the one that’s a scared, little hermit crab, and, if left her own devices, will just stay home. And there’s the other who’s, like, ‘No, we’re going out.’ And she takes the other Camilla by the hand and just f–king drags her. That’s what I’m trying to do, and I think it’s what I did these past two years.”

Shawmila History:

Gettyimages | Manny Hernandez

Cabello and Mendes were first linked in January 2018 when they were spotted getting cozy at a pizza restaurant.

She then moved on to British dating expert Matthew Hussey but broke up with him in June.

Cabello and Mendes picked up right where they left off and were recently seen all over each other in Miami.

Here's some other things she got real about:

Fifth Harmony:

Gettyimages | Jonathan Leibson

Besides her relationship with Mendes, she's also revealing her status with her ex Fifth Harmony bandmates.

Saying she hasn't kept in touch with anyone from the group, Cabello states it’s “not because there’s any animosity left — just the courses of our lives have drifted."

Adding, "if I saw any of them at an awards show, I would say hi and it would be totally cool. It feels like there’s been a reset just because of the amount of time that’s passed.”

Defending Taylor Swift:

Cabello also has something to say on why she took Taylor Swift's side in the pop star's feud with Scooter Braun.

Her reasoning is as simple as "Because she is my friend."

Cabello says she can sympathize with Swift.

"I can’t imagine how many times she’s been let down by people, or gotten disappointed by friends who were just using her, or people who just wanted to be friends with Taylor Swift or whatever. "

More Swifty News:

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

Cabello, who's been friends with Swift for years, stated, she's "happy" to be there for Swift.

"Like, ‘Even when it’s not popular, I’ve got you. I’m, like, your real friend.’ With the Scooter thing, I one-hundred-percent feel her frustration. An artist of her caliber just being F–ed over like that, and not being able to have her masters? That sucks," she told Variety, calling the situation "heartbreaking."

"I do believe a lot of the systems in place for the music industry are kind of … messed up. When you think about how artists have to slave to make these things, and then you don’t own them, that is kind of a ridiculous concept.”

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