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An Extremely Popular Podcast

If you're at all acquainted with the world of podcasts or talking to straight men on dating apps, you've probably heard of Call Her Daddy. A podcast under the umbrella of Barstool Sports, Call Her Daddy features hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn answering sex questions and getting real about their carnal exploits. Promoting women taking a more dominant role in the bedroom, Call Her Daddy has been a mainstay in the podcast top 10 on iTunes since its inception in 2018.

However, production shut down in April amidst contract disputes and now there are rumors that the hosts are in a major feud.

A Huge Falling Out

According to a report from The New York Post, Cooper and Franklin are no longer on speaking terms. Their bond as roommates and so-called best friends was foundational to the podcast brand, but a source claims that their relationship has broken down completely.

"They’re not speaking to each other anymore. They’ve completely turned on each other and started arguing over who was the real talent and who did more of the heavy lifting [for the podcast].

I think their audience would be surprised to learn what has been going on behind the scenes with them. It’s not the loyal, fun-loving friendship they put out there."

Renegotiating Their Deal

Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy spoke out about the drama, explaining that the duo had started shopping around Call Her Daddy to other networks, despite still being under contract (three years at $70,000 annually base plus bonuses for both) with Barstool.

After the runaway success of the podcast, Cooper and Franklyn tried to renegotiate their contracts, asking to take back the intellectual property for the show and a salary of $1 million a piece. Barstool refused. Portnoy explained:

"That is when they started the trail, and the trail is exactly what everybody thought it was. They were shopping Call Her Daddy around, looking to go somewhere else, break their contract with us.

Barstool’s stance was, if you guys take Call Her Daddy and go somewhere else, we’re going to sue the f--k out of you. Like you’re under a three-year contract."

What Does This Mean For The Podcast?

Portnoy claims that he offered to renegotiate the contracts recently, but was shut down. A Barstool rep told Page Six at the beginning of May:

"'In the case of Call Her Daddy, we took a risk on unproven talent and put the full resources of Barstool Sports and our million-dollar marketing machine behind them to make them huge.' The rep told us that they’ve been given 'significant raises.' 'The goal with all of our talent here, including Alex and Sofia, is that at the end of their contract, their personal brands are worth far more than when they started.'"

However, now that the two hosts have fallen out, is there any hope of salvaging the podcast, either at Barstool or elsewhere?

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